Alpha Software’s AlphaRef Reader is a general purpose system for reading reference material on a tablet computer or smartphone. The AlphaRef King James Version of the Bible is an app made generally available that makes use of AlphaRef technology.

AlphaRef technology gives you quick, clean access to the entire text through all of these means:

  • Drag scrolling
  • Table of contents organized by book and chapter
  • Scrollbar with coarse and fine drag control
  • Quick full-text search
  • Frequently viewed list
  • Recently viewed list with Next and Previous buttons
  • Bookmarks organized visually on a two-dimensional pasteboard with labels and color coding

AlphaRef Reader is implemented using Alpha Anywhere from Alpha Software. While the video and the current release contain the contents of the King James Version of the Bible, the reader app’s code itself is general purpose and can be bundled with other material. Contact Alpha Software Corporation for more information.

Read more about the process of building AlphaRef Reader in Dan Bricklin’s essay AlphaRef Reader: Tablet-first design of an app for reading reference material.


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