Known Issues

known-issuesKnown Issues

Operation, especially scrolling on large sections like the Book of Psalms and on some Android devices, is very slow

Some OS version/device combinations exhibit slow or hesitating scrolling, especially of long sections. This is common on some Android devices. There is a setting in the app that breaks the text into smaller chunks (i.e., chapters in the Bible) that are less likely to cause this problem.

The app detects some of these cases and automatically adjusts the setting, called the “One section at a time” setting, but not in all cases, such as with Android version 4.4.

To switch the setting from “Off” to “On” (or to see the state of the setting), do the following:

  • Use the Table of Contents or scrollbar to display the very first section, the short one titled “The Old Testament of the King James Version of the Bible”.
  • Tap the “i” Info button to bring up the Icon Key, then tap the word “Info” in the upper-right of the popup.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the AlphaRef Reader Info panel to reveal the “Display special commands” button. This may take some coaxing and a bit of waiting when the issue is severe.
  • Tap the “Display special commands” button. This should bring up the AlphaRef Reader Special Commands. The first command should be “Toggle ‘One section at a time’ setting”. It will tell you the current state of the setting. Tapping the button will switch between Off and On. Once changed, when you next navigate from one section to another you will get the benefit.
There are currently no other listed bugs or issues.

If you encounter a bug, please let us know so we can fix it or issue a work-around.